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Bring home some PeleKai


"The Rainbow Connection"


PeleKai Coffee is a family team who mindfully source coffee & tea from places we've called home: Hawaii, Japan, Las Vegas & the Pacific Northwest.

Connecting us all with rainbows.

Whether you're full dairy, vegan or gluten free, we've got you covered.

Our vision is to create a space for everyone. From our menu to our service, we always provide Aloha.

Our Story
Coffee Roasters

Coffee Roasters

Our coffee is mindfully sourced, meaning we've hand selected coffee from roasters we know and trust, who are ethical and sustainable in their industry practices and who deliver roasts that honor the land and the bean they are using.

It's important to us that coffee tells a story: through it's flavor and aroma, through it's journey to the cup and through you as you enjoy it.

Available daily will be two choices: our House Guest or our Local Selection.  The House Guest is a rotation of our favorite coffees from the places we've called home.  The flavor profile is chocolatey, rich, strong but smooth. 


Our Local Selection rotates between Big Island Coffee Roasters and Tradition Coffee Roasters.  We carry the Ka'u roast from each who both have very different takes on roasting this beautiful bean from the southern part of the Big Island.  Both tell the story of the land: volcanic history, lush rain forest, ocean air, macadamia and sugar cane farming, which is why we love the Ka'u region so much!

House Guests

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Portland, OR

49th parallel.jpeg

Vancouver, Canada

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Las Vegas, NV

Hawai'i Roasters

big island coffee logo.jpeg

Hawai'i Island, HI

tradition logo.jpeg

Oahu, HI



Tea is something we developed a great love for while living in Japan and we haven't stopped exploring it ever since.  We work with a tea expert, Leo who runs Tea & Whisk, to bring in authentic teas of the highest quality such as our traditional matcha, milk oolong and house tropical herbal iced tea.

Our Māmaki tea is provided by Shaka Tea, the first line of Hawaii-grown māmaki.  Māmaki grows in Hawaiʻi and nowhere else in the world and is also treasured in the Hawaiian culture for its medicinal properties. The adaptogenic “superleaf” of the māmaki plant is grown sustainably and hand harvested from the ancient forests of the island of Hawaiʻi.

Supporting the continued cultivation of the māmaki plant also restores the critical habitat of the endangered pollinator butterfly, pulelehua, or the Kamehameha Butterfly.

Mālia Chai is a custom chai created specifically for Still & Moving Center's kumu hula, Mālia Helelā. It's a blend of spices, ground and cooked excatly to her liking using Fair Trade, single origin spices from Diaspora Co.

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Tea Service

Tea Service

Contact Us

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Stop by and Say Aloha at:

1024 Queen Street

Honolulu, HI

(Inside Still and Moving Center)

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